Tokyo 2013, Day 1 – Ikebukuro & J World

On our first day in Tokyo we decided to visit J World, a Shonen Jump theme park that just opened about a month before our arrival. It’s a really small theme park just inside a mall but we just had to go since it’s the closest thing we can get to living our anime dreams. For me I just really wanted to eat their Ichiraku Ramen just like Naruto : 3

As we got to Ikebukuro and started walking around trying to find J World, we came across a 9 storey anime store!! I didn’t particularly have anything I wanted to buy but my friends wanted to check it out – and 9 floors is pretty amazing. There was a LOT of people inside this store and I pretty much did not know any of the anime there except One Piece because everything was mostly the “new and trendy” anime of the time. My friends were very excited over all the Attack on Titan merchandise and bought things like stickers, cups, necklaces…etc.  I didn’t watch Attack on Titan yet at the time so I spent my time mostly people–watching. The only anime I wanted to look at merchandise for was Fairy Tail but I couldn’t find any : ( !!

On one of the floors, they had a special Attack on Titan mini exhibit. I took pictures anyway because I knew if I eventually watch the show (which I did after) I would regret not taking a picture!

After we finally reached J World! We all got the Ichiraku Ramen (which is what Naruto always eats) because there really isn’t much food choice as most of them are snacks or from animes we don’t watch.  The theme park itself is sort of a rip off because most of the little games/ rides inside the theme park required additional fees EACH even though they charge an entrance fee already. We only paid for one One Piece game but it was pretty lame actually. Most of the other games seemed difficult for us since we don’t understand Japanese enough – there was a ninja sort of game for Naruto, and a dragon ball finding game for Dragon Ball Z.  We somehow accidentally entered the Dragon Ball game through a back door and awkwardly had reporters take pictures of our hands : S   For what reason we still have no clue – we thought it was part of the game’s ending where they CG a dragon ball to our hands for a photo for completing the game in the beginning which was why we posed for it.  The reporter tried to interview me after about the Naruto game but that didn’t go through because 1) I couldn’t speak Japanese fluent enough and he couldn’t speak much English, and 2) I didn’t even go into the Naruto game. Sigh, nearly could’ve been famous.

Overall the theme park was still very fun because they had people dressed up as characters we liked such as Naruto, Luffy and Goku whom we could take photos with, and also some cool decorations that you could take interactive pictures with  : )

Unfortunately they didn’t have much merchandise at their gift shop for us to browse from for souvenirs. We ended up mostly buying keychains from a coin machine of various Dragon ball, Naruto and One Piece characters to give to our friends as souvenirs. I only bought 2 as I didn’t intend to buy that much souvenirs but my friends on the other hand spent like $20-30 Canadian since a keychain is $2-3 and they bought 10. Crazy how much money you can easily spend on these coin machines.

At night we walked around the Shinjuku area to eat and shop at Uniqlo. I wish I bought more at Uniqlo because everything is relatively cheap and the material is so nice! They have these awesome tank tops that are made for summer and winter time – for summer there is an extra cooling one, and for winter there is a heat retraction one. And I love their PJ pants.

We got Mos Burgers for dinner and honestly it was one of our favourite meals despite it being fast food. It was delicious and cheap! I think Adrienne got a second one even on another day cause she loved it so much, haha.

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