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Seoul 2013, Day 4 – Ice / Trick Eye Museum & Han River

Since the day before we didn’t get much time to walk around and check out the shops at HongDae, we decided to go back the next day. Adrienne and I actually meticulously planned out where we wanted to go / what we wanted to do per district and for HongDae we listed out a popular Trick Eye Museum, a restaurant and a cafe which were run by 1TYM (a korean hip hop group) members.  To be honest, I had forgotten about these 3 places by the time we were in Korea since we had planned our itinerary weeks before the trip.

So was I ever excited when we just walked across Abiko, Song BaekKyoung (my favourite 1TYM member)’s curry restaurant!!!!   And also because I love katsu-curry.

After eating our “brunch” we came across posters for the Ice and Trick Eye Museum. I wasn’t too excited about the trick eye museum because I thought it was going to be stupid like those mirrors that make you tall/short/fat etc..but I was intrigued by the Ice Museum because I have never heard of such a thing. And it might be sort of like the Ice Hotel kind of thing!  But once I got inside the Trick Eye museum I was super into it. I had remembered seeing people’s pictures at the place.  It’s a museum where the paintings on the wall are life-like and allows people to interact with it visually. Some can make optical illusions too, which is pretty neat!

I had so much fun posing with these backdrops and would have done more if there weren’t so many people in the museum, and if we had more time to spend there. The ice museum was pretty small but definitely wasn’t 0 degrees Celsius like they were claiming it to be. As you can see, towards the end I didn’t even wear the blanket and was just in t-shirt and shorts. In normal 0 degrees weather, I would be freezing!

After playing around at the museum, we tried walking around some more but it was just too hot. So we tried looking for Teddy (another 1TYM member)’s coffee shop Twosome.  Unlike BaekKyoung’s curry restaurant which doesn’t have anything that shows he owns it, this particular Twosome cafe had a lot of Teddy posters (Twosome is a franchise sort of cafe and he just ones this one in HongDae).

We got some drinks and some macarons and just chilled inside the cafe, enjoying the air conditioning. Somehow Adrienne’s drink which was one from Teddy’s special menu had some alcohol… She can’t take alcohol very well and probably due to the heat she started to feel uncomfortable when we headed back outside.  We then looked for another cafe to sit at so she could rest. Unfortunately the famous Hello Kitty Cafe was all filled up with customers, so we went (to my glee) to a local Cat Cafe!

Alvin said the cats don’t like me because I don’t smell Korean : ‘( But I think it is mostly because the cats get visitors so frequently that they are sort of desensitized to the attention.  Normally pets love me!!!  And as an owner of 2 cats I’m sure I know how to get along with cats, sigh. I think we probably would have had more fun at a dog cafe since they would actually play with us. But at the least Adrienne got herself a cat nap and felt much better.

At night, met up with Christine again in Gangnam which is a trendy and upscale area of Seoul. People there definitely dressed more mature than HongDae. Apparently one coffee shop there is frequented often by fashion designers so customers there purposely dress up.  Our plans for dinner was to eat chicken and drink beer by the Han River which is a must-do tourist activity! And a popular activity for locals as well. Chicken restaurants will actually deliver straight to you at the river! It’s a really beautiful view and something definitely interesting to do since you cannot drink alcohol in public in Canada. As always their fried chicken is amazing, and I quite like Korean beer because it is light and smooth.  We also had some cake because it was also Adrienne’s 22nd birthday!!

It was a nice way to celebrate her birthday being outside and eating by nice scenery, except we probably got a bunch of mosquito bites.


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